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Exhibition Design

Center for Architecture - AIA

New York, USA


Project 2019

Assembly Fevereiro 2020


Mariana  Vilela

Photos Pedro Kok

Curator Daniel Talesnik

Museum Director Andres Lepik
Photography Ciro Miguel

Exhibition Drawings Gabriel Biselli, Gabriel Sepe, Guilherme Pianca e Luiz Solano
Ilustrations Danilo Zamboni
Videos and interviews Pedro Kok
Graphic Design Kathryn Gillmore
Assistants João Bittar Fiammenghi, Pia Nürnberger, Marcello della Giustina.


"For decades São Paulo has seen investments in architecture that help alleviate the lack of public space in the city. Many of these projects also provide São Paulo’s 12 million inhabitants with access to recreational, cultural, and athletic programs, much-needed in this dense metropolis of tremendous inequality, high crime rates, congested traffic, and severe public health issues. 


Access for All presents a selection of these projects, built from the 1950s to the present, organised in three categories: large-scale, multi-programmatic projects; open public spaces; and projects located along the city’s iconic Paulista Avenue.


The projects, from Lina Bo Bardi’s SESC Pompeia to Andrade Morettin’s Instituto Moreira Salles, weave in and out of the city, blurring the boundaries between buildings and the public realm of the street through the use of internal alleys, ramps, stairs, and elevated or sunken plazas. With a focus on how architecture can serve residents, Access for All highlights how these projects are used today, rather than their formal characteristics. Regardless of when they were constructed, the projects are analysed as they stand, through newly commissioned photographs, films, architectural drawings, illustrations, models, and interviews, as well as archival documents."

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